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Chocolate Bon Bons

Our expert Pastry Team is dedicated to creating the finest chocolates, pastries, breads, and desserts for our guests to enjoy during their stay. Learn more about our six current chocolate bon bon flavors below.

chocolate sea salt carmel bon bon

Sea Salt Caramel: Oslo, Norway

Stein Eriksen was born in Oslo, Norway at the head of the Oslofjord. This bon bon features a light blue to tan cocoa butter ombre effect with white splatters to resemble the ocean waves meeting the sandy beach. A smooth caramel center glides across the tongue while hints of salt awaken the taste buds.
Unique Ingredients: Fleur de Sel sea salt, Valronha Dulcey Chocolate, milk chocolate shell
Allergens: Contains dairy

german chocolate cake bon bon

German Chocolate Cake: Willy Bogner

From a young age, Stein Eriksen was influenced by Bavaria’s (now Germany) number one nordic combined competitor, Willy Bogner. Willy Bogner worked for Stein’s father and is credited with teaching Stein and his brother Marius how to slalom ski. Stein, as someone who would only wear and use the best gear, would later heavily promote the Boger brand that Willy and his wife created. The yellow to red ombre cocoa butter features black splatters, the colors of the German flag for this German Chocolate bon bon. The chocolate features a rich, nutty flavor with a hint of coconut in it’s gooey center.
Unique Ingredients: Valronha Pecan Praline Paste, Orelys Chocolate, Meyer's Rum
Allergens: Contains nuts, dairy

a chocolate bon bon pastry

Peach Whiskey: 1950 Bronze Medal Win

Stein Eriksen’s first medal, Bronze at the World Championships in Aspen in 1950, is represented by this airbrushed bon bon. The textured center and fruit flavor is complemented by the High West whiskey notes resting at the base of the chocolate.
Unique Ingredients: White peach pate de fruit, Utah's High West Distillery Double Rye Whiskey
Allergens: Contains dairy

coffee hazelnut bon bon

Coffee Hazelnut: 1952 Gold Medal Olympic Win

Stein Eriksen was the first skier who wasn’t from the Alps to win a Gold Medal in the Olympics. The gold color of the bon bon representing this win is a result of black and gold butter airbrush. The chocolate is in the shape of a coffee bean and is made with Salt Lake City’s Millcreek Coffee Roasters special Stein Eriksen Blend coffee beans. It delivers a silky mouth sensation to represent the first sip of a hazelnut latte in the morning.
Unique Ingredients: Candied hazelnut crunch, Frangelico liqueur, milk chocolate shell, Salt Lake City's Millcreek Coffee Roasters special Stein Eriksen Blend coffee beans
Allergens: Contains nuts, dairy

lime pistachio bon bon

Lime Pistachio: Deer Valley Legacy

Stein Eriksen served as the Director of Skiing at many U.S. ski resorts, including his final stint where he served at Deer Valley Resort for more than 35 years before retiring. The green cocoa butter drizzle showcases Deer Valley’s colors. The subtle lime flavored, soft center dances on the palate while soft hints of pistachio round out the chocolate.
Unique Ingredients: Fabbri Italian Pistachio Paste, Valrhona Opalys White Chocolate, fresh grated lime zest
Allergens: Contains nuts, dairy

a heart shapped pastry

Strawberry Yuzu: Unity of Family

The heart shape of the bon bon represents Stein’s marriage and his five children. He adored his family and enjoyed spending his free time playing with his children and introducing them to the world of skiing that he loved so much. A tart fruit flavor of the Japanese citrus in the center companions the exterior chocolate for a balanced taste.
Unique Ingredients: Strawberry puree, yuzu juice, candied yuzu (Japanese citrus)
Allergens: Contains dairy

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