Beautiful view of snowy mountain side near our hotel in Park City
A gazebo surrounded by vibrant green grass at Stein Eriksen Lodge
People skiing at our Deer Valley Ski Resort Hotel
Beautiful view of the spring mountain side near our Pakr City Utah Hotel

Our Environmental Mission

A Culture of Sustainability

Stein Eriksen Lodge strives to embrace sustainability initiatives and create a culture of environmental accountability throughout all resort operations. Our privilege is to enhance genuine experiences and promote a rich cultural exchange within our communities by ensuring stewardship of our planet. 

For the nearly the last 20 years, Stein Collection has implemented renewable energy practices through Blue Sky Energy, which have returned a CO2 reduction of approximately 3.2 million pounds. In addition, Stein Collection has implemented energy-efficient lighting and boilers, AC systems, electric vehicle charging, recycling practices, and more. 

In addition to creating a culture of sustainable practices locally and an ongoing partnership with Blue Sky Energy, Stein Collection is excited to announce a partnership with Evertreen

During your upcoming stay, please consider donating $2 per night. You will have the option of donating when booking your stay online. You may also purchase additional trees using the link below. Your contribution will assist in protecting and restoring forests on a massive scale by involving local farmers and creating livelihoods for people living in extreme poverty by offering them the dignity of employment and the possibility to become transformational agents of global forest restoration.

Please join us in planting 1,000 trees this calendar year. The estimated CO2 offsetting power is approximately 150 to 380 KGs per tree.