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Spa Treatments

Spa in Deer Valley


Stein Signature Massage

25 minutes, $110                  80 minutes, $245
50 minutes, $175                 110 minutes, $325

Stein Signature Deer Valley Spa Massage Treatment is a custom approach to innovative bodywork that allows the guest and therapist to determine an individual’s optimum treatment. Your therapist will customize your massage using specialty products and incorporate a variety of techniques to achieve ultimate relaxation.

Mother-to-Be Massage

25 minutes, $110                 80 minutes, $245
50 minutes, $175       

For the mother-to-be, this massage addresses the discomforts of pregnancy by improving circulation, and promoting relaxation. Our exclusive vitamin-rich body butter serum also helps rebuild tissue responsible for skin stretching, thus minimizing stretch marks.

Couples Massage

50 minutes and up, $360 and up.

Choose any two of our Signature Massages and relax together, in our couples treatment room.  Have your massages side-by-side to enjoy this relaxing experience together.  For an additional cost you can enjoy your own private, relaxation area with fireplace, before and after your treatment.

In-Room Massage

50 minutes and up, $230 and up.

For your convenience, let us come to you. Enjoy a relaxing massage in the comfort of your own hotel room.

High Country Scalp Massage

25 minutes, $110 and up.

The perfect addition to any facial, massage, or wellness Treatment, this relaxing scalp massage is a welcome antidote travel, fatigue, or mental exhaustion.

Ashiatsu Massage ~Available by Special Appointment

50 minutes, $190                 80 minutes, $265

In this ancient form of bodywork, specially trained therapists supports themselves with wooden bars suspended from the ceiling while applying different foot strokes along the body. The broad, deep, and relaxing compression has a remarkable effect on chronic lower back pain.

Thai Massage

80 minutes, $265

Relax in your most comfortable clothing as your therapist rhythmically stretches and flexes your body to detoxify and relieve your weary muscles. Using pressure-point stimulation and targeted stretching, Thai massage renews the body’s energy flow while reducing tension and stress. (This massage is enjoyed wearing loose clothing and without oils or lotions.)

Personalized Body Work

Ski/Hiking Boot Relief

50 minutes, $175

Relieve your feet and lower legs from an adventurous day of skiing. Your session begins with scrubbing and wrapping your feet in hot, steamed towels. This treatment assists in relaxing the entire body by incorporating reflexology techniques, you will be sure to experience the flow of healing energies throughout your body.

Soothing Stones

80 minutes, $250

Delight in the ancient healing therapy of warm stones. This treatment utilizes smooth, heated, river rocks, and Swedish massage techniques, which help relax the body and melt away the tensions of everyday living.

The Great Salt Stone Therapy

80 minutes, $250

Experience the powerful healing of hand-carved and polished salt stones. Utilizing the purest, finest salt and warmed to the perfect temperature, salt stones have a natural crystal energy that release negative ions to purify the air, increase wellbeing, and rejuvenate mind, body, and soul.

Après Soak and Muscle Therapy

80 minutes, $250

Melt your muscle aches away with this restorative and therapeutic therapy. Relax in a soak infused with sage, peppermint, and wintergreen to alleviate aches and refresh the senses. Move on to a full-body massage incorporating an invigorating cold stone leg therapy to soothe inflammation, clam swelling, and restore your body back to health.

Vichy Shower

Stein Body Polish

50 minutes, $175

This signature wellness treatment purifies and sloughs off dead skin cells with a rich indigenous mix of cedar, sage, and salt crystals from the Great Salt Lake. Indulge, head to toes, with this exfoliating body polish rinse under a cascading Vichy shower. To conclude the adventure, your therapist will calm your mind and body with a luxurious, aromatic lotion designed to hydrate the skin and leave you feeling silky smooth

Aspen Oasis

80 minutes, $245

Escape the stresses of life in the fast lane with an oasis-like retreat. This indulgent treatment begins with a gentle lavender-tangerine scrub to remove dead skin cells and prepare the body to receive the fabulous benefits of a warm body wrap, rich in honey butter, shea butter, and essential oils. The soothing warmth of a Vichy rain-bar washes away the lingering stresses, and is completed with a final massage application using a heated aromatic lotion.

Body Wraps

Alpine Glow

80 minutes, $245

A soothing way to combat the effects of high altitude, this healing treatment features immune boosting honeybee propolis to instantly rejuvenate dry, dehydrated skin. Our unforgettable essential oil candle massage promotes relief from mountain altitude and lifestyle finalizing this luxurious treatment by sealing moisture into your softened skin.

Nordic Princess Slimming Treatment

80 minutes, $245

Introducing a revolutionary slimming treatment with exceptional, visible results. Self-heating clay activates a process in the fatty tissues so that water retention and stored fats can be easily eliminated. Targeted serums promote contouring in the most stubborn areas while the aggressive cellulite massage help trim and sculpt your body. *Five treatment recommendation for best results.

Soaks & Therapies

Nordic Detox

80 minutes, $245

Eliminate toxins while cocooned in a body mask for ultimate relaxation and delivery of active nutrients. Further unwind with a scalp treatment as the warm hydrotherapy Vichy rain bar washes away stress and restores your body back to health.

*A 25-min. massage may be added to all treatments. To ensure ample time, please inform The Spa concierge when booking your appointment.

Oxygen Inhalation

25 minutes, $75

Particularly at high altitude, oxygen can provide numerous health and wellness benefits, such as enhancing energy, increasing mental clarity, detoxifying the body, and promoting healing.

Signature Soaks

25 minutes, $75

Submerge yourself in a deep, private, soaking tub enriched with your choice of aromatherapy bath salts. Dead sea mineral salt and natural herb formulations work wonders on the skin and the soul.


Skin Care

Nordic Experience Facial

50 minutes, $175
80 minutes, $245

A truly pampering experience fully customized especially for your individual needs. Our facials restore skin to its optimum health with a mixture of our world-class skin care lines – rich in antioxidants for cell protection and providing unique nutrients beneficial for all skin types. Whether it is a “mini face-lift” which accelerates dermal cellular activity to literally reverse and repair symptoms of aging, pore size and elasticity or a deeply hydrating facial our highly trained esthetician will analyze your skin and work with you to achieve optimal results.

The Stein Gold Oxygen Facial

50 minutes, $200
80 minutes, $270

The Stein gold oxygen facial is the ultimate in skin rejuvenation and instant results. Restore your skin with this youthful renewal facial. A cocktail of vitamins and antioxidants that result in instant hydration, improved firmness, and a noticeable lift. Improving moisture retention and oxygen supply to the surface of the skin that is depleted in the high mountain air. Add the lip and eye lift for maximum results.

Balancing Back Facial

50 minutes, $170

Our deluxe treatment designed to clarify and purify the back. An essential treatment prior to any special event.

Youth Revitalizing Facial

80 minutes, $260

This peel provides preventative maintenance to promote a youthful appearance and stimulate cell renewal.

Skin Care Add-Ons

Glycolic Appeal, $35 

This peel provides preventative maintenance to promote a youthful appearance and stimulate cell renewal.

Collagen Boost, $35

Pro Collagen and propolis serums firm, plump, protect and strengthen the skin.

Instant Lift,  $45

Effectively combats slack skin for instantly firmer skin tone and texture.

Noni Relief, $35

Noni Gel has legendary healing properties which treat and remove redness caused by sun or windburn.

Lip and Eye Lift, $35

State of the art skin care technology that dramatically smoothes, tightens, and firms fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots. Recommended with oxygen facials

Hand & Foot

Alpine Manicure

50 minutes, $75

Rejuvenate your hands with our signature manicure regime, customized especially for you. Start with a hydrating and whitening nail soak.  Gentle attention to the cuticles and nails precedes an exfoliating citrus skin polish.  Hands and forearms are then massaged with a shea butter-enriched hand cream.  For deep hydration, we lock moisture in with a warm paraffin dip. Finally, an expert polish application tops it all off. 

Alpine Pedicure

50 minutes, $90

Treat your feet to the ultimate in pampering and relaxation, beginning with a  soothing aromatherapy soak. Next, cuticles and nails receive special care. Calloused areas are treated for a smooth finish, with a customized gentle exfoliation. A relaxing foot and calf massage will be followed by a polish application to complete this exquisite treatment.  To extend the experience, add our deeply moisturizing paraffin treatment.  Your feet will feel totally rejuvenated.

Stein Signature Pedicure

80 minutes, $110

A cool and cleansing refreshment for tired feet.  This treatment exfoliates and sloughs off dead skin cells with a rich indigenous mix of rosemary, mint, and salt crystals from the Great Salt Lake.  Cuticles and nails are given special care, then to seal in the moisture, a hydrating foot mask, a lemongrass shea-butter massage, and paraffin treatment are performed to leave the feet feeling smooth and soft.  A polish application completes the treatment.

Each treatment is designed for complete relaxation and overall well-being. Please discuss any physical concerns with your therapist in order to maximize massage benefits. The Spa concierge will assist you in scheduling specific types of bodywork to complement your alpine activities.